"Our journey began with one simple line, "Your child has developmental delays." There have been many other diagnoses, both before and after, but these were the words that confirmed that we were beginning a journey quite different from anything we had imagined. To be honest, it's not a path we would have ever chosen for Hali, her older brother Justin, or ourselves."

- Brad Thompson, M.A., LPC, Co-Founder of The HALI Project
Rep. Mac Thornberry

"The HALI Project recognized a major gap in the services provided to children with special needs and their families, and it fills that gap. By providing training, education, and counseling to families, The HALI Project has become an important source of support for many families."

- Mac Thornberry, US Congressman
Hali Thompson

Hi! I’m Hali Thompson.  I work at the Southwest Montessori Preschool four days a week and go to as many West Texas A&M volleyball games as possible.  In high school, I was involved in many things.  I was a member of the Student Council, the manager of the Canyon High School volleyball team, and an active member of the student ministry at the Southwest Church of Christ.  I love to travel, watch movies, hang out with people, and challenge my family to games on our Wii.  I have a very full life even though I have trouble with seizures, cerebral palsy, and learning delays.

My parents are Brad and Karen Thompson.  From their experience with me, they started The HALI Project in 1999.  Their goal is to show and teach families like ours that life can still be full and rich, even if it may not be what they dreamed.  My brother Justin is a big part of my life; he is a great spokesman for me, and a mentor for others who have brothers and sister like me.

I hope you will find what we do helpful, but more than that, I hope you find it hopeful.  Why?  Because our life is good, even though it’s not what we planned.

- Hali Thompson

If you want to read more about our journey, read an article from Exceptional Parent magazine.

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